West Africa Transfuture & Technology Summit is the first of its kind that explores the future of Transportation and Technology in road, rail, maritime and aviation transportation as catalysts to drive the rapid development and growth of individual states within the ECOWAS union and the region as a whole.

WA-TTS will explore the entire gamut within the transportation and technology industry spectrum including emerging technologies in Fare Payment, Autonomous Vehicles, Security, Safety, Intelligent Transportation System Application, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning and customer data information management to drive the mobility (r)evolution within the ECOWAS sub-region. The future of Transportation in West Africa must be driven by technology and innovation; from smart ports connected through intelligent integrated rail systems which link high density road networks that connect various airport runways; the Summit will showcase future technologies at the heart of the mobility (r)evolution that will help transform transportation in West Africa.

This summit will provide a convergence of multi-level regional government participation and public & private sector representation, with a view to sharing innovative ideas and nuanced approaches to solving the challenges we face as a regional entity by the utilization of technology in this mobility evolution that is impacting the way we move people and goods from one point to the other within the ECOWAS sub-region.



The vision of The West Africa Transfuture and Technology Summit WA-TTS® is to contribute to the breakthrough of future transportation technology like e-mobility, robotics, and artificial intelligence etc. in West Africa. It will serve as a platform to drive conversation that address and contribute to the need for integrated and ambitious actions across West Africa, to further advance the deployment of e-mobility through the coordination and joint financing of research, development, innovation and implementation activities.


WA-TTS identity is crafted to convey forward movement and activity. The summit revolves around harnessing and leveraging on the enormous potentials of technology and innovation to drive the future of transportation in West Africa. Therefore, we made straight lines showing paths/routes.

The logo is made up of 16 bars, each bar representing one of the 16 West African States. The bars falling around West Africa are made to interwind like a meander, showing a smooth flow. The arrowheads attached to the flowing bars point upward and to the right creating a forward-moving perception. The Meander also makes out the letter “W”, which is the initial letter of the brand.